July 15, 2012

Oil Cleansing Method

I wanted to share my experience with something many of us struggle to find the perfect solution for time after time after stinkin' time...face issues. Too oily, too dry, too red, too itchy, not balanced, stressed, tired, overworked (by way of make-up) -- all these describe my face at some point or another over the past few years. I was on a hunt to find the perfect cleanser and moisturizer. I didn't want to spend a fortune. I didn't want it to contain chemicals that were ultimately harmful. I wanted it to be simple and I wanted it to last. Finally! I came across the one thing that has worked for me better than anything: the oil cleansing method.

Oil? Seriously!? Was I really going to "wash" my face with oil?! It seems quite counter-intuitive to wash your face with what you are trying to remove. Well, the fact of the matter is that oil dissolves oil, meaning, the bad oils that are settled in your pores and filled with dirt are removed when they are replaced with clean oils via the oil cleansing method.

I searched site after site and read hundreds of comments on which oil was right for which skin type. After about the 986th site...(ok, not really, but close) I decided that my mixture would be for younger, more sensitive and combination skin. I highly suggest you do sufficient research on your skin type. My favorite sites were: http://www.crunchybetty.com/nitty-gritty-on-the-oil-cleansing-method and http://daisyjd.com/index.php/2011/02/oil-cleansing-method/.
I have been using this method for about 2 months now and have been very pleased with my skin. The redness has totally disappeared and my skin has a much more balanced look about it. I believe the redness was due in part to the chemicals that completely stripped the oils from my face and didn't replace them in the process. I will say that if you have hormonal acne, there isn't a topical method that will help as the problem is (obviously) a deeper issue. I still deal with a few bumps here and there at certain times during each month, but it is much more manageable than it has ever been because of how balanced my skin has become using this method.
There is not a "best part" to the oil-cleansing method (OCM). It, in itself, is the best part! It removes make-up (even stubborn water-proof mascara)! It costs pennies to make, because you use so very little of the product and you may very already have the oils for your recipe in your home. I had all but one of my oils already in use in my home. It is all-natural; no nasty chemicals to worry with, and the process is like a mini-spa each night when you cleanse! It's just amazing how the solution was just at my fingertips and I never knew it! I only use a daily sunscreen to protect my face, no moisturizers needed! One step is the way to go for this busy mama!

Most recipes call for a person to mix their chosen oils in thirds. It may take a few attempts to figure out what oil is best for your skin type and there may be a "purging" period where the "good" oils are cleaning out all the "evil" oils and where your face is balancing oil-production because it has been over producing oils for so long because of the chemical washes that have stripped the oils from you face for so long, but there are very few people that have tried the oil-cleansing method and walked away unhappy. If you decide to give this a shot, you will know whether the mixture is for you or not within two weeks. If you are willing to give yourself a 2-week trial period, I think you'll like what you find in the end. If after the first 2-weeks you aren't pleased with results, research further. It only took a week for me to see the difference, but 2 weeks should be the max amount of time allowed before you begin re-thinking your process.

Now, on to the recipe and process itself:

As I said, my mixture is for very sensitive, breakout-prone and combination skin. My recipe calls for:

1/3 sunflower seed oil (as my carrier oil) - This can be found in the cooking oil section of any grocery store.

1/3 castor oil (this oil works as an anti-fungal and anti-reddening agent) - This can be found at any drugstore or grocery store.

1/3 jojoba oil (this oil works as the moisturizing agent) - This can be found at Trader Joe's and Earth Fare.

I also add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil (also at Trader Joe's and Earth Fare) to the full mixture to work as an acne fighting agent. This stuff is potent so only use 2-3 drops.

I added these oils to an old soap bottle that had been thoroughly cleansed. The method is simple.

1. Wet face with warm water
2. Place a quarter-sized amount of the mixture in the palm of your hand and rub in circular upward motions on face and neck for a minute or two.
3. Get a washcloth soaked with very warm (not too hot) water and place over skin and hold until the washcloth cools (15-30 seconds) and repeat over face.
4. Finally, take the  rinsed washcloth and rub off excess oil gently. You don't want to remove every bit of the oil as leaving some moisturizes the skin to a healthy conditioned glow.

This method is especially easy and beneficial if done while you are in the shower as the added steam helps to open the pores and release all the "yucky bad guys", replacing it with the good oils and making for a simple, inexpensive and healthy way to keep your face clean and glowing.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!!