April 20, 2011

Just An Update...

So...You may wonder where I've been. I'll save you the details of what was the "yuckiest" February and March I ever want to experience and just share the joy of why it was "yucky." Introducing...


We are currently in our 16th week with him OR her and we will find out May 12th what the gender is! Everything is developing right on track for an October 4th due date! Our next ultrasould will be the big one where we get to count fingers and toes and do all it's little measurement checks and such! Baby Chandler has been much kinder to me as of late. I have more energy and actually get stuff done at home now besides laying on the couch all day...(which is actually what I am currently doing, ironically.) I think Danny and I are both anxious and excited at the same time, as new parents probably should be. I'll leave you with a 3D image we received last week at our 2nd check-up. I'll be back with an update soon!

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